Poetry Day 2: gift, acrostic, simile


The Gift of Frost

Frozen icy crystals

Reflect the morning light

On the drooping heads of grass

Silent as the rising sun

Takes my breath away

Poetry Day 1: screen, haiku, alliteration

On a whim, I decided to participate in WordPress Blogging University’s Poetry 201.  I don’t have it in me right now to do the NaNoBloMo, so I thought this would be a great way to try some different writing, while not having too much of a commitment.  So, for the next two weeks, I’ll be trying to post the assignments.  I may not get all of them, and I make no promises to the quality, but I hope they will be fun!

Each day, we’re given a theme, a poem style, and a poetic device.  Today was screen, haiku, and alliteration.  We don’t have to use all (or any) of the prompts, but I’m going to try.

lighted screen waiting
brightly glowing words appear
as deft fingers fly

There you have it.  Not too bad for the first day.  I’ll leave you with a snapshot of the sunset a couple weeks ago.  This time of year in Alaska is truly inspiring.


Fall, or winter?

So…Mother Nature has encouraged me to hurry up and get on with sharing my fall photos!  I’ve managed to snap a few more each time I saw a significant change in the view.  Or what to me was a significant change anyway.  So, last I left you with these fall photos.  Shortly thereafter, the colors intensified.

Morefall1 Morefall2

Then we had a hard frost.

Fallfrost1 Fallfrost2

I took a lot of photos around the yard that day.  I’ll post those in another post, hopefully soon!  I love frost.   No frost on the moose dung this time, though.  (Yet?)  After the frost, we returned to fall for a bit.  Lovely bright reds and yellows, contrasted with green evergreens and blue skies.  This next photo doesn’t show the true blue of the sky, I know, but it does show the bright sunshine!


Then, Mother Nature decided to test winter.  After 2 days of heavy rain, she experimented with snow.


That was late yesterday afternoon.  Apparently, she liked it, because it kept coming…covering up most of the fall look.


I guess she really liked the look, because the snow kept coming!


This snow was all yesterday, with this last one being as the light faded.  It snowed for a couple more hours, then let up.  Today is supposed to snow a bit on and off during the morning, then clear up and get cold overnight.  (That should make it nice and icy, with all the standing rain water still around, eep!)  I wonder if this will be another year where this is the extent of the snow we get, or if this is the start of an actual winter?

Three of a kind

Somehow, when my 2nd kiddo was a few months old, I managed to (almost) recreate a photo that I’d taken with my first.  I sent it to grandparents, aunts, & uncles, jokingly asking if they could tell who was who.  So, when I ran across the same snowsuit a week or so ago, when the little guy was just a wee bit older than the girls at the time, I knew I had to do it again.

three of a kind watermark

Of course, the boy wasn’t entirely cooperative, so I couldn’t quite recreate it.  He was either smiling with his eyes wide open, or not smiling while peaking through eye slits.  Close enough, though!  Then right at the end, he got silly.


I’m glad he’s a good sport.  :-)

A Touch of Fall

A couple promised photos of the fireweed foliage starting to turn red, and the yellow creeping into the deciduous tree leaves (or, to be specific, the green leaving them)…

touchoffall1 touchoffall2

We even had a visit from a young bullwinkle a couple nights ago.  I am still amazed at how incredibly big moose are.  This one is taller than my Jeep, and my Jeep has a couple inch lift on it, plus larger than stock tires!  (The photo angle makes it hard to determine the exact height ratio of the vehicle to moose.  But trust me.  They are BIG!)


If there are any leaves left hanging after this extended rain season, I’ll try and get a few photos of the fireweed at full red, and the leaves at full yellow!  Cross your fingers.  It is a gorgeous contrast.

Daily Ritual

A few days ago, WordPress suggested ‘Daily Ritual’ as a writing prompt.  I immediately thought of how I love to be up, have a cup of tea, and accomplish something on my never ending task list before everyone else in the household is awake.  Lately, achieving any of these, let alone all of them, is something to celebrate!  (Of course, having an almost 4 month old who still nurses at night has something to do with that…)


The ritual of getting up when the house is quiet, brewing tea, updating task boards for the day, and sipping tea while checking email or clearing off a pile of clutter works wonders for getting my day off to a good start.  Even more simply, it is the getting up, breathing, and sipping a warm beverage that is at the heart of the ritual.  But I do have a habit of having the same type of tea, prepared the same way, in the same mug whenever I’m engaging in my ritual!  I brew Earl Grey from a local tea shop (that just closed up for winter – hopefully I bought enough to last until May!) in my favorite brew-in-the-cup mug.  I sweeten it slightly with some homemade “Pandora’s Magic Spread” from a chocolate cookbook, and top it off with a scosh of almond milk.  A perfect way to start the day!  Not too bitter, not too sweet, and with a hint of chocolate!

I tried to take a photo with my jar of chocolate and the almond milk, but it didn’t work right.  Correction, I took a few photos of my tea mug with the tea and the almond milk and the water kettle and the chocolate jar, and all of them were badly laid out!  It made me laugh.  (It is good to laugh at yourself, and often!) I’m not a food photographer, but I do try to put together pleasing photos.  I was in a hurry, and just quick through the items together, and you can tell!


The stove is dirty, the pot isn’t on either burner, the tea and mug are too aligned, where did that spoon come from, the almond milk is too bright with the flash, and it reflects strangely on the black stove etc, etc, etc.  It is a good photo for learning – here’s a great way to make things look funny!  The photo above, without the almond milk, was much better.  But, this one does show more of the ingredients for my morning tea ritual.  I’d love to start making my own almond milk.  I have a nut bag (which makes me giggle…yes, I have a sophomoric sense of humor), and a few variations of instructions.  I just need to find a source for almonds that won’t break the bank!

Now, I’ve had my morning tea, task boards are updated, a pile cleared off my desk, and – bonus – a blog post written.  Bring on the day!

The Birthday Girl

One week ago, Miss D turned 4.  She did it like she does everything – with gusto!!  Ripping open the envelope is more fun than just sliding it open…


Big sister picked out a new Playmobile set with a horse and fairy to give the birthday girl.  (The girls are reading/listening to Fablehaven as their bedtime chapter book, and are fascinated by fairies right now!)


Miss D asked for brownies for her birthday dinner.  (She also asked for rainbow trout, but I wasn’t able to get fishing to catch any of those this time.  She ‘settled’ for fresh salmon, another favorite.)  When I asked her if she wanted ice cream or frosting on those brownies, she replied “BOTH!”.   Okay, kiddo, you got it.


Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.  May you continue to live your life with passion in all that you do.


Fireweed fluff

As summer nears its end, the fireweed blooms reach the top of the stalk…


Shortly thereafter, the fireweed seeds start to disperse.  They are attached to bits of fluff, so suddenly there is a lot of cottony looking bits flying through the air and getting caught on everything!  I didn’t get any great photos this year, but if you look closely at these, you can see a bit.  This was before they really started releasing.



This was just over a week ago.  The fluff has mostly dispersed, and the leaves turned a brilliant fire-y red.  It looks brilliant against the greens of the grasses and the yellows of the turning leaves.  I grabbed a photo of that yesterday, and will try to post soon!  The yellows are just coming out, and I’m sure within the next few days, or maybe a week, we’ll have a full display of fall colors!

Easter flowers in August

Last spring, the Easter Bunny brought each of us a packet of seeds (and soil and peat pot) in our baskets.  We got them planted a bit later than intended, and then transplanted them outside into the flower barrel even later than that.  But I’m happy to say that 3 of the 4 flower types have bloomed, and are gorgeous!!  (The 4th type, pansies, are growing nicely, but haven’t flowered yet.)


Miss D grew sweet peas.

Miss D grew sweet peas.


Miss S planted a poppy mix.

Miss S planted a poppy mix.


Hubby planted nasturtiums.

Hubby planted nasturtiums.


And I planted pansies.  (Note, though, that these aren't the ones I planted.  These are a few that spring up in the lawn every year.  :-)

And I planted pansies. (Note, though, that these aren’t the ones I planted. These are a few that spring up in the lawn every year. :-)


I love having flowers!  They make me happy.

Dinner and a science lesson…

I admit, I love when life and learning so obviously collide.  A couple weeks ago, the hubby went on a caribou hunt.  Both he and his hunting buddy were successful.  We are part of a community harvest group, so the meat will be split with a few other families.  The hunter gets to keep any desired organs, so hubby brought home the heart.  It proved to be a great science lesson, as Miss S was fascinated learning about the anatomy of a heart.  We’ve watched a few videos, and looked a few diagrams, but nothing beats the real thing!  And that heart will make for a delicious, hearty stew later this winter.


We followed up the lesson by grilling the caribou tenderloin for dinner.  Yum.  :-)

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